Monday, October 3, 2011

Their past visits them

Turbulent but forward we are making progress and life is becoming as normal as yours. However normal that is or isn't. Us too. Nightmares have subsided, sleep-walking has been less frequent and our authority has been established, challenged and is holding strong under fire.

And then a ghost from their forgotten past reminds them where they came from and how easily chaos can enter their fortress.

Until the adoption is final, the details are best left undisclosed, but their little hearts are tender again. Memories, new information about their biological mom and fear keep them skittish, fit-full and agitated.

Therapist to the rescue tomorrow. He says this can ultimately be a good thing, unearthing some deep wounds that need fresh air for healing.

My rescue therapy has been a humble little blog called Little Pieces of Ordinary by Ashley Haupt. I found her last week and have a blog crush....blush? I've read several posts now and her gentle words are like aloe vera on a sunburn. Today she reminded me that control is only a facade and loss of control is the beginning of freedom.

This information will take awhile for me to unpack. In what areas have you given up control and found freedom?


  1. Uh, perhaps too serious for a blog comment, but why not? I was a shop-lifter for about 8 years of my life, brought that into the light, and God freed me from the rush, the false "need" for stuff, instant gratification, and ultimately the Devil's joy in my life.

    Thanks for your honest words, Steph. They, too, are like aloe vera. It stings at first, but then the healing begins. That's what sanctification is like, too.

  2. What a reminder today the role we parents play, whether we choose to own it or not, as the foundation of our children's lives. Praying God refills your soul to continue pouring love today, Stephanie. His grace to you, sweet. Ashley


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